US molding

/ (ˈməʊldɪŋ) /

  1. architect

    • a shaped outline, esp one used on cornices, etc

    • a shaped strip made of wood, stone, etc

  2. something moulded

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How to use moulding in a sentence

  • moulding is currently helping a divorcing couple work through the conditions of a prenup they wrote before DOMA was reversed.

  • He had been preparing the top moulding with his universal plane when noon 72 came, and the sweet shavings lay curled on the floor.

    The Idyl of Twin Fires | Walter Prichard Eaton
  • She was wonderful with the rich colouring of her perfect health, in the glorious line moulding of her fully matured figure.

    Menotah | Ernest G. Henham
  • It is the inspiration of a national faith, the moulding of the soul to great principles of life and duty.

    The Life of Mazzini | Bolton King
  • One never meets them as subalterns, and they represent the army's best workmanship in the matter of moulding and finishing.

    The Relief of Mafeking | Filson Young
  • The upper portion of the walls was decorated with an ornamental frieze and a battlement bordered with fine moulding.