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[uh ng-gah-lee-ey-muh]
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  1. Mount, a mountain with two summits, in central Africa, between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo: highest peak in the Ruwenzori group. 16,790 feet (5119 meters).
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Formerly Mount Stanley.


  1. Arthur Pen·rhyn [pen-rin] /ˈpɛn rɪn/, Dean Stanley, 1815–81, English clergyman and author.
  2. Edward George Geoffrey Smith, 14th Earl of Derby,1799–1869, British statesman: prime minister 1852, 1858–59, 1866–68.
  3. Francis Edgar,1849–1918, and his twin brother Free·lan [free-luh n] /ˈfri lən/, 1849–1940, U.S. inventors and manufacturers: developed steam-powered car.
  4. Sir Henry Morton,John Rowlands, 1841–1904, British journalist and explorer in Africa: led successful search for David Livingstone.
  5. Wendell M(eredith),1904–71, U.S. biochemist: Nobel prize 1946.
  6. the capital and principal harbor of the Falkland Islands, in the E part.
  7. Mount, former name of Ngaliema, Mount.
  8. a male given name: an Old English family name taken from a placename meaning “stone field.”
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  1. the capital of the Falkland Islands, in NE East Falkland Island: scene of fighting in the Falklands War of 1982. Pop: 1989 (2001)
  2. a town in NE England, in N Durham. Pop: 19 072 (2001)
  3. Mount Stanley a mountain in central Africa, between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaïre): the highest peak of the Ruwenzori range. Height: 5109 m (16 763 ft)Congolese name: Ngaliema Mountain
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  1. Sir Henry Morton . 1841–1904, British explorer and journalist, who led an expedition to Africa in search of Livingstone, whom he found on Nov 10, 1871. He led three further expeditions in Africa (1874–77; 1879–84; 1887–89) and was instrumental in securing Belgian sovereignty over the Congo Free State
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(stănlē)Wendell Meredith 1904-1971
  1. American biochemist. He shared a 1946 Nobel Prize for discovering methods of producing pure enzymes and virus proteins.
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