Slavic masc. proper name, literally "vengeful fame," from Russian mstit' "to take revenge," from Proto-Slavic *misti "revenge," *mistiti "to take revenge," from PIE *mit-ti-, extended form of root *mei- "to change, go, move" (see mutable); for second element, see Slav.

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Contemporary Examples of mstislav

  • The 1974 trip also led to an exit visa for the renowned cellist, Mstislav Rostropovich, to leave the USSR.

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Historical Examples of mstislav

  • Then like a god from the blue appeared to the famishing and despairing Novgorodskie their erstwhile prince, Mstislav of Toropetz.

  • After vainly attempting to bring Yaroslav to reason, Mstislav took up arms against him.

  • In 1034 died Mstislav, at the end of a days hunting, having shortly before lost his only son Evstaf.