[ voist ]
/ vɔɪst /


having a voice of a specified kind (usually used in combination): shrill-voiced.
expressed vocally: his voiced opinion.
Phonetics. pronounced with glottal vibrations; phonated (contrasted with voiceless): “b,” “v,” and “z” are voiced.

Origin of voiced

First recorded in 1590–1600; voice + -ed2, -ed3

Related forms

voic·ed·ness [voi-sid-nis, voist-nis] /ˈvɔɪ sɪd nɪs, ˈvɔɪst nɪs/, nounmul·ti·voiced, adjectivewell-voiced, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for multi-voiced


/ (vɔɪst) /


declared or expressed by the voice
(in combination) having a voice as specifiedloud-voiced
phonetics articulated with accompanying vibration of the vocal cordsin English (b) is a voiced consonant Compare voiceless

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