[ muhm-buhl ]
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verb (used without object),mum·bled, mum·bling.
  1. to speak in a low indistinct manner, almost to an unintelligible extent; mutter.

  2. to chew ineffectively, as from loss of teeth: to mumble on a crust.

verb (used with object),mum·bled, mum·bling.
  1. to say or utter indistinctly, as with partly closed lips: He mumbled something about expenses.

  2. to chew, or try to eat, with difficulty, as from loss of teeth.

  1. a low, indistinct utterance or sound.

Origin of mumble

1275–1325; Middle English momelen, equivalent to mom(me) mum1 + -elen-le; compare Dutch mommelen,German mummeln

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See murmur.

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Other words from mumble

  • mumbler, noun
  • mum·bling·ly, adverb
  • half-mumbled, adjective
  • un·mum·bled, adjective
  • un·mum·bling, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

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British Dictionary definitions for mumble


/ (ˈmʌmbəl) /

  1. to utter indistinctly, as with the mouth partly closed; mutter

  2. rare to chew (food) ineffectually or with difficulty

  1. an indistinct or low utterance or sound

Origin of mumble

C14 momelen, from mum ²

Derived forms of mumble

  • mumbler, noun
  • mumbling, adjective
  • mumblingly, adverb

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