[ muhng ]
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  1. something disgusting or offensive, especially filth or muck.

verb (used with object)
  1. to make dirty (often followed by up).

  2. to spoil, ruin, or destroy (often followed by up).

  1. Computers.

    • to make incremental changes to (a file, system, etc.), eventually ruining or destroying the original.

    • to modify (an email address) in an easily reversible way, to avoid spam.

Origin of mung

First recorded in 1945–50; of uncertain origin

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How to use mung in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for mung


/ (mʌŋ) /

  1. computing slang to process (computer data)

Origin of mung

C20: m (ash) u (ntil) n (o) g (ood)

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