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Origin of must

before 900; Middle English most(e), Old English mōste (past tense); cognate with German musste. See mote2


1 Must, ought, should express necessity or duty. Must expresses necessity or compulsion: I must attend to those patients first. Soldiers must obey orders. Ought (weaker than must ) expresses obligation, duty, desirability: You ought to tell your mother. Should expresses obligation, expectation, or probability: You are not behaving as you should. Children should be taught to speak the truth. They should arrive at one o'clock.

Definition for musting (2 of 2)

[ muhst ]
/ mʌst /


musk, especially a powder made from musk.

verb (used with object)

to powder (the hair).

Origin of must

1480–90; earlier moist < Middle French must, variant of musc musk
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British Dictionary definitions for musting (1 of 4)

/ (mʌst, unstressed məst, məs) /

verb (takes an infinitive without to or an implied infinitive)


an essential or necessary thingstrong shoes are a must for hill walking

Word Origin for must

Old English mōste past tense of mōtan to be allowed, be obliged to; related to Old Saxon mōtan, Old High German muozan, German müssen

British Dictionary definitions for musting (2 of 4)

/ (mʌst) /


mustiness or mould

Word Origin for must

C17: back formation from musty

British Dictionary definitions for musting (3 of 4)

/ (mʌst) /


the newly pressed juice of grapes or other fruit ready for fermentation

Word Origin for must

Old English, from Latin mustum new wine, must, from mustus (adj) newborn

British Dictionary definitions for musting (4 of 4)

/ (mʌst) /


a variant spelling of musth
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Idioms and Phrases with musting


see a must; show must go on.

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