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verb (used with object),nabbed, nab·bing.Informal.
  1. to arrest or capture.

  2. to catch or seize, especially suddenly.

  1. to snatch or steal.

Origin of nab

1675–85; earlier nap; perhaps <Scandinavian; compare Danish nappe,Norwegian, Swedish nappa to snatch

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  • nabber, noun

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  1. Also N.A.B. National Association of Broadcasters. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use nab in a sentence

  • They will be in for a sudden disappearance unless the marshal nabs them soon.

    Bound to Succeed | Allen Chapman
  • And jest when I was thinking that, a feller comes down the front steps of that house on the jump and nabs me by the coat collar.

    Danny's Own Story | Don Marquis
  • Next time you nabs me writin' a form sheet on any unknown, you can hang out the waste paper sign and send me to the scows.

    Torchy | Sewell Ford
  • "Ey'n spill t' last drop o' meh blood i' t' owd abbut's keawse," replied Hal o' Nabs.

    The Lancashire Witches | William Harrison Ainsworth

British Dictionary definitions for nab


/ (næb) /

verbnabs, nabbing or nabbed (tr) informal
  1. to arrest

  2. to catch (someone) in wrongdoing

  1. to seize suddenly; snatch

Origin of nab

C17: perhaps of Scandinavian origin; compare Danish nappe, Swedish nappa to snatch. See kidnap

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