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[nahs-kah, -kuh]
  1. Nazca.
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or Nas·ca

[nahs-kah, -kuh]
  1. of or relating to a pre-Incan culture of SW Peru, dating from c200 b.c., characterized by polychrome pottery and the employment of irrigation techniques in agriculture.
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Historical Examples

  • He accordingly left Nasca on the 8th of May for this purpose.

    A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. 5

    Robert Kerr

  • Nasca, which is not very far away to the northwest, was the center of one of the most artistic pre-Inca cultures in Peru.

    Inca Land

    Hiram Bingham

  • Continuing his march, he at length came to the province of Nasca, about fifty leagues from Lima.