ex nihilo

[eks nahy-uh-loh, nee-uh-]

adverb, adjective Latin.

out of nothing; from nothing.

ex nihilo nihil fit

[eks ni-hi-loh ni-hil fit; English eks nahy-hi-loh nahy-hil fit, nee-hi-loh nee-hil]


nothing is created from nothing.
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Historical Examples of nihilo

  • I don't see how nihilo inornata would make more for Vossius's Sense.

    Lectures on Poetry

    Joseph Trapp

  • Iam Hanno timere incipiebat, sed periculum astuto responso avertit: Hoc vero inquit si feceritis, nihilo eritis Afris meliores.

    Selections from Viri Romae

    Charles Franois L'Homond

Word Origin and History for nihilo

ex nihilo

Latin, literally "out of nothing," from ex "out of" (see ex-) + nihilo, ablative of nihil "nothing" (see nil).

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