[ noun nahy-treyt, -trit; verb nahy-treyt ]
/ noun ˈnaɪ treɪt, -trɪt; verb ˈnaɪ treɪt /


Chemistry. a salt or ester of nitric acid, or any compound containing the univalent group –ONO2 or NO3.
fertilizer consisting of potassium nitrate or sodium nitrate.
cellulose nitrate, a substance used as a film base in the early days of filmmaking.
Informal. nitrate film.

verb (used with object), ni·trat·ed, ni·trat·ing.

to treat with nitric acid or a nitrate.
to convert into a nitrate.


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Origin of nitrate

First recorded in 1785–95; nitr- + -ate2


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British Dictionary definitions for nitration

/ (ˈnaɪtreɪt) /


any salt or ester of nitric acid, such as sodium nitrate, NaNO 3
a fertilizer consisting of or containing nitrate salts


(tr) to treat with nitric acid or a nitrate
to convert or be converted into a nitrate
to undergo or cause to undergo the chemical process in which a nitro group is introduced into a molecule

Derived forms of nitrate

nitration, noun
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Medical definitions for nitration

[ nītrāt′, -trĭt ]


The univalent radical NO3.
A compound containing such a radical, such as a salt or ester of nitric acid.


To treat with nitric acid or a nitrate, usually to change an organic compound into a nitrate.
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Scientific definitions for nitration

[ nītrāt′ ]

A salt or ester of nitric acid, containing the group NO3. Nitrates dissolve extremely easily in water and are an important component of the nitrogen cycle. Compare nitrite.
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