clearly defined or determined; not vague or general; fixed; precise; exact: a definite quantity; definite directions.
having fixed limits; bounded with precision: a definite area.
positive; certain; sure: It is definite that he will take the job.
defining; limiting.
Botany. (of an inflorescence) determinate.

Origin of definite

1520–30; < Latin dēfīnītus limited, precise, past participle of dēfīnīre; see define, -ite2
Related formsdef·i·nite·ness, nounnon·def·i·nite, adjectivenon·def·i·nite·ly, adverbnon·def·i·nite·ness, nounqua·si-def·i·nite, adjectivequa·si-def·i·nite·ly, adverbsem·i·def·i·nite, adjectivesem·i·def·i·nite·ly, adverbsem·i·def·i·nite·ness, nounun·def·i·nite, adjectiveun·def·i·nite·ly, adverbun·def·i·nite·ness, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for non-definite



clearly defined; exact; explicit
having precise limits or boundaries
known for certain; sureit is definite that they have won
  1. denoting a type of growth in which the main stem ends in a flower, as in a cymose inflorescence; determinate
  2. (esp of flower parts) limited or fixed in number in a given species
Derived Formsdefiniteness, noundefinitude (dɪˈfɪnɪˌtjuːd), noun

Word Origin for definite

C15: from Latin dēfīnītus limited, distinct; see define
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Word Origin and History for non-definite



1550s, from Latin definitus "defined, bounded, limited," past participle of definire (see define). Definite means "defined, clear, precise, unmistakable;" definitive means "having the character of finality."

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