1. tending or serving to extract, or based upon extraction: coal, oil, copper, and other extractive industries.
  2. capable of being extracted, as from the earth: extractive fuels.
  3. of, relating to, or involving extraction: extractive surgery.
  4. of or of the nature of an extract.
  1. something extracted.

Origin of extractive

First recorded in 1590–1600; extract + -ive
Related formsnon·ex·trac·tive, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for non-extractive


  1. tending or serving to extract
  2. of, involving, or capable of extraction
  1. something extracted or capable of being extracted
  2. the part of an extract that is insoluble
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non-extractive in Medicine


  1. Used in or obtained by extraction.
  2. Possible to extract.
  1. Something that may be extracted.
  2. A substance present in tissue that can be separated by successive treatment with solvents and recovered by evaporation of the solution; the insoluble portion of an extract.
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