/ (nɒnˈlɪtərərɪ, -ˈlɪtrərɪ) /

  1. not of, relating to, concerned with, or characteristic of literature or scholarly writing

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How to use nonliterary in a sentence

  • This is the first great line dividing the Literary from the Non-Literary.

    The World's Best Books | Frank Parsons
  • They reveal, for example, the singularly non-literary character of this great man of letters.

    The Life of George Borrow | Clement K. Shorter
  • Too many naturally non-literary people of all ranks are now goaded into acquiring a knowledge of the invention of Cadmus.

  • The non-literary events of his life during this period were sufficiently varied if not very momentous.

    Matthew Arnold | George Saintsbury
  • But even in the non-literary essays we are out of “The Wilderness” in its worst sense.

    Matthew Arnold | George Saintsbury