[pruh-doo-ser, -dyoo-]
  1. a person who produces.
  2. Economics. a person who creates economic value, or produces goods and services.
  3. a person responsible for the financial and administrative aspects of a stage, film, television, or radio production; the person who exercises general supervision of a production and is responsible chiefly for raising money, hiring technicians and artists, etc., required to stage a play, make a motion picture, or the like.Compare director(def 3).
  4. British Theater. (formerly) a director of theatrical productions; stage director.
  5. an apparatus for making producer gas.
  6. Ecology. an organism, as a plant, that is able to produce its own food from inorganic substances.

Origin of producer

First recorded in 1505–15; produce + -er1
Related formsnon·pro·duc·er, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

Examples from the Web for non-producer

Historical Examples of non-producer

  • For almost every producer in Victoria there is a non-producer in the capital.


    David Christie Murray

  • The non-producer will live, whatever becomes of those who toil.

    Broken Bread

    Thomas Champness

  • It is true that the bed, the room, and the house is a home of idleness for the non-producer.

    The Conquest of Bread

    Peter Kropotkin

  • The great crime of the ages is the robbing of the producer of the basic necessities of human life by the non-producer.

    Communism and Christianism

    William Montgomery Brown

British Dictionary definitions for non-producer


  1. a person or thing that produces
  2. British a person responsible for the artistic direction of a play, including interpretation of the script, preparation of the actors, and overall design
  3. US and Canadian a person who organizes the stage production of a play, including the finance, management, etc
  4. the person who takes overall administrative responsibility for a film or television programmeCompare director (def. 4)
  5. the person who supervises the arrangement, recording, and mixing of a record
  6. economics a person or business enterprise that generates goods or services for saleCompare consumer (def. 1)
  7. chem an apparatus or plant for making producer gas
  8. (often plural) ecology an organism, esp a green plant, that builds up its own tissues from simple inorganic compoundsSee also consumer (def. 3), decomposer
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Word Origin and History for non-producer



1510s, "one who produces;" agent noun from produce (v.). Of entertainments, from 1891; in political economy, opposed to consumer, from 1784 (Adam Smith).

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non-producer in Medicine


[prə-dōōsər, prō-]
  1. A photosynthetic green plant or chemosynthetic bacterium, constituting the first trophic level in a food chain; an autotrophic organism.
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non-producer in Science


  1. An autotrophic organism that serves as a source of food for other organisms in a food chain. Producers include green plants, which produce food through photosynthesis, and certain bacteria that are capable of converting inorganic substances into food through chemosynthesis. Compare consumer.
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