1. standing out so as to be seen easily; conspicuous; particularly noticeable: Her eyes are her most prominent feature.
  2. standing out beyond the adjacent surface or line; projecting.
  3. leading, important, or well-known: a prominent citizen.

Origin of prominent

1535–45; < Latin prōminent- (stem of prōminēns), present participle of prominēre to project, stand out, equivalent to pro- pro-1 + -minēre; see imminent
Related formsprom·i·nent·ly, adverbnon·prom·i·nent, adjectivenon·prom·i·nent·ly, adverbo·ver·prom·i·nent, adjectiveo·ver·prom·i·nent·ly, adverb

Synonyms for prominent

2. protruding, jutting, protuberant. 3. eminent, celebrated, famous, famed, distinguished.

Antonyms for prominent

1. inconspicuous. 2. recessed. 3. unknown. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

British Dictionary definitions for non-prominent


  1. jutting or projecting outwards
  2. standing out from its surroundings; noticeable
  3. widely known; eminent
Derived Formsprominently, adverbprominentness, noun

Word Origin for prominent

C16: from Latin prōminēre to jut out, from pro- 1 + ēminēre to project
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Word Origin and History for non-prominent



mid-15c., "projecting, jutting out," from Latin prominentem (nominative prominens) "prominent," present participle of prominere "jut or stand out, be prominent, overhang," from pro- "before, forward" (see pro-) + minere "to project," from minae "projections, threats" (see menace (n.)). Meaning "conspicuous" is from 1759; that of "notable, leading" is from 1849. Related: Prominently.

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non-prominent in Medicine


  1. Projecting outward or upward; protuberant.
  2. Immediately noticeable; conspicuous.
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