nullius filius

[ nool-lee-oo s fee-lee-oo s; English nuhl-ee-uh s fee-lee-uh s ]
/ ˈnul liˌʊs ˈfi liˌʊs; English ˈnʌl i əs ˈfi li əs /

noun, plural nul·li·us fi·li·i [nool-lee-oo s fee-lee-ee; English nuhl-ee-uh s fee-lee-ahy] /ˈnul liˌʊs ˈfi liˌi; English ˈnʌl i əs ˈfi liˌaɪ/ Latin.

(especially in law) son of nobody; bastard.

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nullius juris

[ nool-lee-oo s yoo-ris; English nuhl-ee-uh s joo r-is ]
/ ˈnul liˌʊs ˈyu rɪs; English ˈnʌl i əs ˈdʒʊər ɪs /

adjective Latin.

(especially in old English law) of no legal force. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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