[ noo-miz-muh-tist, -mis-, nyoo- ]

  1. a specialist in numismatics.

  2. a person who collects numismatic items, especially coins.

Origin of numismatist

1790–1800; <Latin numismat- (stem of numisma) coin + -ist

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How to use numismatist in a sentence

  • His face was beaming like that of an enthusiastic numismatist who stumbles upon a rare Commodus or an authentic Domitian.

    Sword and Gown | George A. Lawrence
  • Folkes was a great numismatist, and seems to have been a generous, pleasant man.

    Haunted London | Walter Thornbury
  • Each drawer had a lock and a small plate which bore a letter and a number, not unlike the cabinet of a numismatist.

    The Tyranny of the Dark | Hamlin Garland
  • First of all on the left there is Domenico Sestini, a celebrated numismatist, whose bust was carved by Pozzetti.

  • As is well-known, Victor Emanuel is considered—and rightly so—an exceedingly capable numismatist.

British Dictionary definitions for numismatist


numismatologist (njuːˌmɪzməˈtɒlədʒɪst)

/ (njuːˈmɪzmətɪst) /

  1. a person who studies or collects coins, medals, etc

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