[ ob-si-kreyt ]
/ ˈɒb sɪˌkreɪt /

verb (used with object), ob·se·crat·ed, ob·se·crat·ing.

to entreat solemnly; beseech; supplicate.

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Origin of obsecrate

1590–1600; < Latin obsecrātus (past participle of obsecrāre to supplicate), equivalent to ob- ob- + secr- (combining form of sacr-, stem of sacer sacred) + -ātus -ate1

Related formsob·se·cra·tion, noun

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/ (ˈɒbsɪˌkreɪt) /


(tr) a rare word for beseech
Derived Formsobsecration, noun

Word Origin for obsecrate

C16: from Latin obsecrāre to entreat (in the name of the gods), from ob- for the sake of + sacrāre to hold in reverence; see sacred

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Word Origin and History for obsecration



late 14c., from Latin obsecrationem (nominative obsecratio) "a beseeching, imploring, supplication, entreaty," noun of action from past participle stem of obsecrare "to beseech, entreat" (on religious grounds), from ob- (see ob-) + sacrare "to make or declare sacred" (see sacred).

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