[ ob-suh-les-uh nt ]
/ ˌɒb səˈlɛs ənt /


becoming obsolete; passing out of use, as a word: an obsolescent term.
becoming outdated or outmoded, as machinery or weapons.
Biology. gradually disappearing or imperfectly developed, as vestigial organs.


Origin of obsolescent

First recorded in 1745–55, obsolescent is from the Latin word obsolēscent- (stem of obsolēscēns, present participle of obsolēscere to fall into disuse). See obsolete, -escent

Related forms

ob·so·les·cent·ly, adverb

Can be confused

archaic obsolescent obsoleteobsolescent obsolete
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British Dictionary definitions for obsolescent


/ (ˌɒbsəˈlɛsənt) /


becoming obsolete or out of date

Derived Forms

obsolescence, nounobsolescently, adverb

Word Origin for obsolescent

C18: from Latin obsolescere; see obsolete
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