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obtuse bisectrix

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noun Crystallography.
  1. See under bisectrix(def 1).
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Origin of obtuse bisectrix

First recorded in 1895–1900


noun, plural bi·sec·tri·ces [bahy-sek-trahy-seez] /ˌbaɪ sɛkˈtraɪ siz/.
  1. Crystallography. an imaginary line bisecting either the acute angle (acute bisectrix) or the obtuse angle (obtuse bisectrix) of the optic axes of a biaxial crystal.
  2. Geometry. a bisector.
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Origin of bisectrix

First recorded in 1850–55; bisec(t) + -trix
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noun plural bisectrices (baɪˈsɛktrɪˌsiːz)
  1. another name for bisector
  2. the bisector of the angle between the optic axes of a crystal
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