[ oh-ker ]
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noun, adjective, verb (used with object),o·chred, o·chring.

Other words from ochre

  • o·chre·ous [oh-ker-uhs, oh-kree-uhs], /ˈoʊ kər əs, ˈoʊ kri əs/, o·chrous [oh-kruhs], /ˈoʊ krəs/, o·chry [oh-kree], /ˈoʊ kri/, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for ochre


US ocher

/ (ˈəʊkə) /

  1. any of various natural earths containing ferric oxide, silica, and alumina: used as yellow or red pigments

    • a moderate yellow-orange to orange colour

    • (as adjective): an ochre dress

  1. (tr) to colour with ochre

Origin of ochre

C15: from Old French ocre, from Latin ōchra, from Greek ōkhra, from ōkhros pale yellow

Derived forms of ochre

  • ochreous (ˈəʊkrɪəs, ˈəʊkərəs), ochrous (ˈəʊkrəs), ochry (ˈəʊkərɪ, ˈəʊkrɪ), US ocherous or ochery, adjective
  • ochroid (ˈəʊkrɔɪd), adjective

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