[ an-oz-mee-uh, -os- ]
/ ænˈɒz mi ə, -ˈɒs- /

noun Pathology.

absence or loss of the sense of smell.

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Origin of anosmia

1805–15; < New Latin < Greek an- an-1 + osm(ḗ) smell (akin to ózein to smell) + -ia -ia

Also called olfactory anesthesia.

Related formsan·os·mat·ic [an-uh z-mat-ik] /ˌæn əzˈmæt ɪk/, an·os·mic, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for olfactory anesthesia


/ (ænˈɒzmɪə, -ˈɒs-) /


pathol loss of the sense of smell, usually as the result of a lesion of the olfactory nerve, disease in another organ or part, or obstruction of the nasal passages
Derived Formsanosmatic (ˌænɒzˈmætɪk) or anosmic, adjective

Word Origin for anosmia

C19: from New Latin, from an- + Greek osmē smell, from ozein to smell

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Word Origin and History for olfactory anesthesia



"loss of sense of smell," 1811, Modern Latin, from Greek an-, privative prefix (see an- (1)), + osme "smell" (Doric odme), from *odsme, cognate with Latin odor (see odor).

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Medicine definitions for olfactory anesthesia

olfactory anesthesia




[ ăn-ŏzmē-ə ]


Loss of the sense of smell.olfactory anesthesia
Related formsan•osmic adj.

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