[oh-uh-gam-eet, -guh-meet]

Origin of oogamete

First recorded in 1890–95; oo- + gamete
Related formso·og·a·mous [oh-og-uh-muh s] /oʊˈɒg ə məs/, adjectiveo·og·a·my, noun
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oogamous in Medicine


  1. Characterized by or having small motile male gametes and large nonmotile female gametes.


[ō′ə-gămēt′, -gə-mēt]
  1. A female gamete, especially the larger of two gametes produced by an oogamous species.
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oogamous in Science


  1. A system of sexual reproduction in which one gamete (called the egg) is large and nonmotile, while the other (called the sperm) is small and motile. Oogamy is a type of heterogamy. Compare isogamy.
Related formsoogamous adjective
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