[ ŏfrē-ŏn′, ōfrē- ]


The point on the midline of the forehead just above the glabella.
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Examples from the Web for ophryon

  • Height of forehead: from the ophryon to the roots of the hair.

    Pedagogical Anthropology|Maria Montessori
  • Broca's angle is that included between the auricular foramen, the subnasal point and the ophryon.

    Pedagogical Anthropology|Maria Montessori
  • Auriculo-frontal radius: from the tragus or from the auricular point to the ophryon.

    Pedagogical Anthropology|Maria Montessori
  • There is a slight median ridge on the frontal ascending from the ophryon, at first narrow but expanding at the bregma to 50 mm.

    Notes on the Fenland|T. McKenny Huges