opus anglicanum

/ (ˈəʊpəs æŋɡlɪˈkɑːnəm) /

  1. fine embroidery, esp of church vestments, produced in England c. 1200– c. 1350; characterized by the rich materials used, esp silver gilt thread

Origin of opus anglicanum

Latin: English work

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How to use opus anglicanum in a sentence

  • These are some of the characteristics of the opus anglicanum.

    Needlework As Art | Marian Alford
  • The term “opus anglicanum” is first recorded in the thirteenth century, and is supposed simply to mean “English work.”

    Needlework As Art | Marian Alford
  • For further notice of the “opus anglicanum,” see chapter (ante) on ecclesiastical embroideries.

    Needlework As Art | Marian Alford
  • Chain stitch was dignified by the Latin name opus anglicanum.

    Quilts | Marie D. Webster
  • Much of the embroidery is raised, and wrought in the stitch known as opus anglicanum.

    The Thirteenth | James J. Walsh