or or·thop·noe·a

[ awr-thop-nee-uh, awr-thop-nee-uh, -thuh p- ]
/ ɔrˈθɒp ni ə, ˌɔr θɒpˈni ə, -θəp- /

noun Pathology.

difficult or painful breathing except in an erect sitting or standing position.

Origin of orthopnea

1650–60; < Greek orthópnoia, equivalent to orthópno(os) breathing upright (ortho- ortho- + pno(ḗ) breath + -os adj. suffix) + -ia -ia

Related forms

or·thop·ne·ic, or·thop·noe·ic, adjective
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Medicine definitions for orthopnoea


[ ôr′thŏp-nēə, ôr-thŏpnē-ə ]


Discomfort in breathing that is relieved by sitting or standing in an erect position.
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