[ oh-tuh-mee ]

noun,plural O·to·mis, (especially collectively) O·to·mi for 1.
  1. a member of an Indigenous people of south-central Mexico.

  2. the Oto-Manguean language of the Otomi.

  1. of or relating to the Otomi or their language.

Origin of Otomi

First recorded in1780–90; from Mexican Spanish otomí from Nahuatl otomih, plural of otomitl; literal meaning unknown

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How to use Otomi in a sentence

  • While resting at midday, I noticed a neatly-dressed and clean young indian, plainly not Otomi, with whom I conversed.

    In Indian Mexico (1908) | Frederick Starr
  • Two years before, just as my work was ending, we were in the great Otomi town of Huixquilucan, in the state of Mexico.

    In Indian Mexico (1908) | Frederick Starr
  • It would be pleasant to have faith in President Diaz' solution of the Otomi problem, but to me it seems doubtful.

    In Indian Mexico (1908) | Frederick Starr
  • Another Otomi cacique who played a similar though less conspicuous part was Fernando de Tapia.

    The Colonization of North America | Herbert Eugene Bolton
  • At the first Otomi portrait, he had said: "Ah, sir, but my schools will change the Otomis."

    In Indian Mexico (1908) | Frederick Starr