[ ak-sen-choo-eyt ]
/ ækˈsɛn tʃuˌeɪt /

verb (used with object), ac·cen·tu·at·ed, ac·cen·tu·at·ing.

to give emphasis or prominence to.
to mark or pronounce with an accent.

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Origin of accentuate

1725–35; < Medieval Latin accentuātus intoned (past participle of accentuāre). See accent, -ate1

Related formso·ver·ac·cen·tu·ate, verb (used with object), o·ver·ac·cen·tu·at·ed, o·ver·ac·cen·tu·at··ac·cen·tu·ate, verb (used with object), re·ac·cen·tu·at·ed, re·ac·cen·tu·at·ing.un·ac·cen·tu·at·ed, adjectivewell-ac·cen·tu·at·ed, adjective

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Examples from the Web for over-accentuate

  • "One can over-accentuate the baseness of one's motives as well as cover it up," he suggested.

  • Somehow, the Doctor's bluntness made him over-accentuate it,—particularly when there were listeners about.

    The Other Fellow|F. Hopkinson Smith

British Dictionary definitions for over-accentuate


/ (ækˈsɛntʃʊˌeɪt) /


(tr) to stress or emphasize
Derived Formsaccentuation, noun

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