verb (used with object), o·ver·ex·posed, o·ver·ex·pos·ing.

to expose too much, as to the sun, cold, or light rays (often used reflexively): Be careful of overexposing yourself to the sun.
Photography. to expose (a film or the like) to too much light.

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Origin of overexpose

First recorded in 1865–70; over- + expose

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  • You should over-expose rather than under-expose, allowance being made when the acid is used.

    Photogravure|Henry R. Blaney

British Dictionary definitions for over-expose


verb (tr)

to expose too much or for too long
photog to expose (a film, plate, or paper) for too long a period or with too bright a light
Derived Formsoverexposure, noun

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Word Origin and History for over-expose



1869, in photography, from over- + expose (v.). Figurative sense, in reference to celebrity, first attested 1969 (implied in overexposure). Related: Over-exposed; over-exposing.

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