[ oh-ver-pop-yuh-leyt ]
/ ˌoʊ vərˈpɒp yəˌleɪt /

verb (used with object), o·ver·pop·u·lat·ed, o·ver·pop·u·lat·ing.

to fill with an excessive number of people, straining available resources and facilities: Expanding industry has overpopulated the western suburbs.

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Origin of overpopulate

First recorded in 1865–70; over- + populate

Related formso·ver·pop·u·la·tion, noun

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Word Origin and History for over-populate



also overpopulate, "to overrun with too many people," 1828 (implied in overpopulated), from over- + populate (v.). Related: Overpopulating. Over-populous "over-populated" is attested from 1670s.

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