[ verb oh-ver-chahrj; noun oh-ver-chahrj ]
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verb (used with object),o·ver·charged, o·ver·charg·ing.
  1. to charge (a purchaser) too high a price: When the manager realized we'd been overcharged, she gave us a credit for the difference.

  2. to fill too full; overload.

  1. to exaggerate: to overcharge the importance of ancestry.

verb (used without object),o·ver·charged, o·ver·charg·ing.
  1. to make an excessive charge; charge too much for something.

  1. a charge in excess of a stated or just price.

  2. an act of overcharging.

  1. an excessive load.

Origin of overcharge

Middle English word dating back to 1275–1325; see origin at over-, charge

Other words from overcharge

  • o·ver·charg·er, noun

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How to use overcharge in a sentence

  • Naturally, they were disgruntled at this, and we offered them such splendid opportunities for working off overcharges of spleen.

    Kitchener's Mob | James Norman Hall
  • Too much overcharges nature, and turns more into disease than nourishment.

British Dictionary definitions for overcharge


  1. to charge too much

  2. (tr) to fill or load beyond capacity

  1. literary another word for exaggerate

  1. an excessive price or charge

  2. an excessive load

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