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  1. (in prescriptions) after eating; after meals.
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Origin of p.c.1

From the Latin word post cibōs


  1. percent.
  2. petty cash.
  3. postal card.
  4. price current.
  5. printed circuit.
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  1. Past Commander.
  2. British. Police Constable.
  3. politically correct.
  4. Post Commander.
  5. British. Prince Consort.
  6. British. Privy Council.
  7. professional corporation.
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Word Origin and History for p.c.


abbreviation for personal computer is from 1978; abbreviation for politically correct is by 1990.

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p.c. in Medicine


  1. post cibum (after meals)
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p.c. in Culture


An abbreviation for “politically correct.” It refers to social, political, and educational changes designed to redress historical injustices in areas such as race, gender, ethnic background, and sexual orientation: “Haven't you read the latest directive on p.c. language? Please refer to our colleagues as ‘women,’ not ‘ladies’ or ‘girls.’” The phrase and abbreviation, which also appears as PC, both debuted in the late twentieth century.

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