Pakeha Māori

  1. (in the 19th century) a European who adopted the Māori way of life

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How to use Pakeha Māori in a sentence

  • Hope for the Maories is in the younger elements who have that happy mixture in them, called Pakeha-Maori.

    The Pacific Triangle | Sydney Greenbie
  • Meanwhile, what of the pakeha-Maori in this nest of Hauhaus?

  • He is for ever beyond the pale; and he will die as he has lived, a pakeha-Maori.

  • But none of them had a wilder story to tell than has the man whose narrative is here presented—Kimble Bent, the pakeha-Maori.

  • The pakeha-Maori was also a non-combatant, but he remained in the pa with Titokowaru until the firing began.