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late 15c., "vagabond or beggar" (who sleeps on straw in barns), from Middle French paillard, from Old French paillart "tramp, beggar, vagabond" (13c.), from paille "straw" (see pallet (n.1); also see -ard).

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Historical Examples

  • A Washman is called a Palliard, but not of the right making.

    The Rogues and Vagabonds of Shakespeare's Youth

    John Awdeley

  • A Palliard is he that goeth in a patched cloke, and hys Doxy goeth in like apparell.

  • "Togged out to the ruffian, no doubt," said the palliard, who was incomparably the shabbiest rascal in the corps.


    William Harrison Ainsworth