[ pan-kroh-mat-ik, -kruh- ]
/ ˌpæn kroʊˈmæt ɪk, -krə- /


sensitive to all visible colors, as a photographic film.

Origin of panchromatic

First recorded in 1900–05; pan- + chromatic

OTHER WORDS FROM panchromatic

pan·chro·ma·tism [pan-kroh-muh-tiz-uh m] /pænˈkroʊ məˌtɪz əm/, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for panchromatic

  • This effect was obtained by the use of a panchromatic plate in conjunction with a red colour screen.

    The Essentials of Illustration|T. G. (Thomas George) Hill
  • A panchromatic plate and red filter was used as in the case of the moon.

    Visual Illusions|Matthew Luckiesh

British Dictionary definitions for panchromatic

/ (ˌpænkrəʊˈmætɪk) /


photog (of an emulsion or film) made sensitive to all colours by the addition of suitable dyes to the emulsionCompare orthochromatic

Derived forms of panchromatic

panchromatism (pænˈkrəʊməˌtɪzəm), noun
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