[ pan-kree-uhs, pang- ]
/ ˈpæn kri əs, ˈpæŋ- /
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noun Anatomy, Zoology.
a gland, situated near the stomach, that secretes a digestive fluid into the intestine through one or more ducts and also secretes the hormone insulin.
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Origin of pancreas

1570–80; <New Latin <Greek pánkreas sweetbread, equivalent to pan-pan- + kréas flesh, meat


pan·cre·at·ic [pan-kree-at-ik, pang-], /ˌpæn kriˈæt ɪk, ˌpæŋ-/, adjective
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How to use pancreas in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for pancreas

/ (ˈpæŋkrɪəs) /

a large elongated glandular organ, situated behind the stomach, that secretes insulin and pancreatic juice

Derived forms of pancreas

pancreatic (ˌpæŋkrɪˈætɪk), adjective

Word Origin for pancreas

C16: via New Latin from Greek pankreas, from pan- + kreas flesh
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Scientific definitions for pancreas

[ păngkrē-əs ]

A long, irregularly shaped gland in vertebrate animals that is located behind the stomach and is part of the digestive system. It secretes hormones (insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin) into the bloodstream and digestive enzymes into the small intestine or gut. The pancreas also secretes sodium bicarbonate, which protects the lining of the intestine by neutralizing acids from the stomach.
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Cultural definitions for pancreas

[ (pang-kree-uhs, pan-kree-uhs) ]

A gland behind the stomach that functions in both the endocrine system and the digestive system. Its endocrine function involves the secretion into the bloodstream of insulin, which regulates the level of sugars in the blood. As part of the digestive system, the pancreas secretes into the small intestine a fluid containing enzymes that is used in the digestion of all foods.

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