[ puh-pil-uh ]
/ pəˈpɪl ə /

noun, plural pa·pil·lae [puh-pil-ee] /pəˈpɪl i/.

any small, nipplelike process or projection.
one of certain small protuberances concerned with the senses of touch, taste, and smell: the papillae of the tongue.
a small vascular process at the root of a hair.
a papule or pimple.

Origin of papilla

1400–50; late Middle English < Latin: nipple, teat, diminutive of papula pimple. See pap2

Related forms

pap·il·lar [pap-uh-ler, puh-pil-er] /ˈpæp ə lər, pəˈpɪl ər/, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for papillae


/ (pəˈpɪlə) /

noun plural -lae (-liː)

the small projection of tissue at the base of a hair, tooth, or feather
any other similar protuberance
any minute blunt hair or process occurring in plants

Derived Forms

papillary, papillate or papillose, adjective

Word Origin for papilla

C18: from Latin: nipple; related to Latin papula pimple
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Medicine definitions for papillae


[ pə-pĭlə ]

n. pl. pa•pil•lae (-pĭlē)

A small nipplelike projection, such as a protuberance on the skin, at the root of a hair or feather, or at the base of a developing tooth.
One of the small, round or cone-shaped protuberances on the top of the tongue that contain taste buds.
A pimple or pustule.

Related forms

papil•lar′y (păpə-lĕr′ē, pə-pĭlə-rē) adj.papil•late′ (păpə-lāt′, pə-pĭlĭt) adj.pap•il•lose (păpə-lōs′, pə-pĭlōs′) adj.
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Science definitions for papillae


[ pə-pĭlə ]

Plural papillae (pə-pĭlē)

A small part projecting from the surface of an organism. In mammals, the nipples of the mammary glands and the taste buds of the tongue are papillae. Papillae are often seen on the undersurfaces of mosses and ferns.
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