noun, plural par·a·cen·te·ses [par-uh-sen-tee-seez] /ˌpær ə sɛnˈti siz/. Surgery.

puncture of the wall of a cavity to drain off fluid.

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Origin of paracentesis

1590–1600; < Latin paracentēsis perforation, tapping < Greek parakéntēsis, equivalent to parakentē-, variant stem of parakenteîn to prick beside (para- para-1 + kenteîn to prick, pierce) + -sis -sis

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British Dictionary definitions for para-centesis



med the surgical puncture of a body cavity in order to draw off excess fluid
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Word Origin and History for para-centesis



1590s, from medical Latin form of Greek parakentesis "perforation," from parakentein "to pierce at the side," from para- "beside" (see para- (1)) + kentein "to prick, stab" (see center (n.)).

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Medicine definitions for para-centesis




Surgical puncture or tapping of a fluid-filled body cavity, especially the abdomen, with a hollow needle or trochar to withdraw fluid.
Related formspar′a•cen•tetic (-tĕtĭk) adj.

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