verb (used with object), pa·rad·ed, pa·rad·ing.

verb (used without object), pa·rad·ed, pa·rad·ing.

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Origin of parade

1650–60; < French, Middle French < Spanish parada a stop, stopping place, noun use of feminine of parado, past participle of parar to stop, end < Latin parāre to set. See compare, parry, -ade1

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an ordered, esp ceremonial, march, assembly, or procession, as of troops being reviewedon parade
Also called: parade ground a place where military formations regularly assemble
a visible show or displayto make a parade of one's grief
a public promenade or street of shops
a successive display of things or people
the interior area of a fortification
a parry in fencing
rain on someone's parade to hinder someone's enjoyment; upset someone's plans
on parade
  1. on display
  2. showing oneself off


(when intr, often foll by through or along) to walk or march, esp in a procession (through)to parade the streets
(tr) to exhibit or flaunthe was parading his medals
(tr) to cause to assemble in formation, as for a military parade
(intr) to walk about in a public place
Derived Formsparader, noun

Word Origin for parade

C17: from French: a making ready, a setting out, a boasting display; compare Italian parata, Spanish parada, all ultimately from Latin parāre to prepare

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see hit parade; rain on one's parade.

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