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ad utrumque paratus

[ahd oo-troo m-kwe pah-rah-too s; English ad yoo-truhm-kwee puh-rey-tuh s]
  1. ready for either alternative.
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in omnia paratus

[in ohm-nee-ah pah-rah-too s; English in om-nee-uh puh-rey-tuh s]
  1. prepared for all things.
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semper paratus

[sem-per pah-rah-too s; English sem-per puh-rey-tuh s]
  1. always ready: motto of the U.S. Coast Guard.
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Examples from the Web for paratus

Historical Examples of paratus

  • They should have rendered it: Paratus demands Pansa for ædile.

    The Wonders of Pompeii

    Marc Monnier

  • Meanwhile Sabina, the wife of Paratus, has not remained inactive.

  • Paratus ad epulas, et refugiscere prcepta; or, Capillos inficitis, oculos fuligine relinitis.

  • Instructus refers to the possession of the means; paratus to the readiness of the possessor to employ them.

  • WhenPg 70 Pansa went to the dwelling of Paratus his sandals trod the same stones that now receive the impress of our boots.

British Dictionary definitions for paratus

semper paratus

  1. always prepared
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