/ (ˌpɑːlɪˈvuː) informal /

  1. to speak French

  1. the French language

  2. a Frenchman

Origin of parleyvoo

C20: jocular respelling of parlez-vous (français) ? do you speak (French)?

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How to use parleyvoo in a sentence

  • I can't parleyvoo with him, but he's an honest rogue for a Frenchman, and 'twas he brought off my young Lord.

    The Chaplet of Pearls | Charlotte M. Yonge
  • And parleyvoo Pickens, the wrong reverend, writes out a marriage certificate, and farmer and farmeress sign it as witnesses.

  • Aw dooant parleyvoo, awm throo Yorksher; cannot yo spaik plain English?

    Seets I' Paris | John Hartley
  • Aw dooant care whether it's poisin' or parleyvoo-in', awl bet his heead comes off schews ha!

    Seets I' Paris | John Hartley