[ pat-mos, -mohs, -muhs; Greek paht-maws ]

  1. one of the Dodecanese Islands, off the southwestern coast of Asia Minor: St. John is supposed to have been exiled here (Revelation 1:9). 13 sq. mi. (34 sq. km).

  • Italian Pat·mo [paht-maw]. /ˈpɑt mɔ/.

Other words from Patmos

  • Pat·mi·an, adjective

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How to use Patmos in a sentence

  • He thinks of how the ocean-waves keep pounding, with cannon-roar, on the rocky beach of his Patmos prison isle.

  • He spoke to John of them on the Isle of Patmos, and used the very things in them that men are trying to cast out.

  • Our pity goes out not to "the ordinary intelligence," but to the cloudy dweller in Patmos.

  • In this retirement—a Patmos amid the howling ocean of popery that surrounds us—a letter from England has reached me at last.

    The Moonstone | Wilkie Collins
  • St. John was put into a caldron of boiling oil, but escaped death in a miraculous manner, and was afterwards banished to Patmos.

British Dictionary definitions for Patmos


/ (ˈpætmɒs) /

  1. a Greek island in the Aegean, in the NW Dodecanese: St John's place of exile (about 95 ad), where he wrote the Apocalypse. Pop: 2984 (2001). Area: 34 sq km (13 sq miles)

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