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ad patres

[ahd pah-tres; English ad pey-treez]
adjective Latin.
  1. dead.
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Origin of ad patres

literally, (having gone) to the fathers

patres conscripti

[pah-tres kohn-skrip-tee; English pey-treez kuh n-skrip-tahy, -tee, pah-, pa-]
plural noun Latin.
  1. conscript fathers.
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Examples from the Web for patres

Historical Examples

  • To judge by the general silence, no one wished to be one of the patres conscripti.

    An Eagle Flight

    Jos Rizal

  • The pitris (patres) or fathers are frequently referred to in the Veda.

    Two Old Faiths

    J. Murray Mitchell and William Muir

  • So after this the whole senate was addressed by speakers as "Patres, Conscripti."

  • The Smiths, the Browns, all the patres familias will be urged by the matres to go forth and take part in the contest.

  • In Rome the patrician families are called "Coscritti" in allusion to the Patres conscripti or senators of the city.


    Mildred Anna Rosalie Tuker