[ peyv-muh nt ]
/ ˈpeɪv mənt /


a paved road, highway, etc.
a paved surface, ground covering, or floor.
a material used for paving.
Atlantic States and British. sidewalk.

Idioms for pavement

    pound the pavement, Informal. to walk the streets in order to accomplish something: If you're going to find work you'd better start pounding the pavement.

Origin of pavement

1250–1300; Middle English < Old French < Latin pavīmentum. See pave, -ment


pave·men·tal [peyv-men-tl] /peɪvˈmɛn tl/, adjectivepre·pave·ment, nounsub·pave·ment, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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British Dictionary definitions for pavement

/ (ˈpeɪvmənt) /


a hard-surfaced path for pedestrians alongside and a little higher than a roadUS and Canadian word: sidewalk
a paved surface, esp one that is a thoroughfare
the material used in paving
civil engineering the hard layered structure that forms a road carriageway, airfield runway, vehicle park, or other paved areas
geology a level area of exposed rock resembling a paved roadSee limestone pavement

Word Origin for pavement

C13: from Latin pavīmentum a hard floor, from pavīre to beat hard
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Idioms and Phrases with pavement


see pound the pavement.

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