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[ pey-nim ]
/ ˈpeɪ nɪm /

noun Archaic.

a pagan or heathen.
a Muslim.
pagandom; heathendom.

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Origin of paynim

1200–50; Middle English: pagan (noun and adj.), pagan countries, heathendom < Old French pai(e)nime < Late Latin pāgānismus paganism
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/ (ˈpeɪnɪm) /

noun archaic

a heathen or pagan
a Muslim

Word Origin for paynim

C13: from Old French paienime, from Late Latin pāgānismus paganism, from pāgānus pagan
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Word Origin and History for paynim



mid-13c., "heathen lands," from Old French paienime, paienisme "heathen, pagan; Saracen lands or culture or faith," from Late Latin paganismus "heathendom" (Augustine), from paganus "heathen" (see pagan); mistaken meaning "a heathen person" (late 14c., also in Old French) is via phrases such as paynim lands.

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