[pen-ee-fahr-th ing]

noun British.

a high bicycle of an early type, with one large wheel in front and one small wheel behind.

Origin of penny-farthing

from a comparison of the size difference between the two bicycle wheels to the size difference between an old British penny and a farthing
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British Dictionary definitions for pennyfarthing



British an early type of bicycle with a large front wheel and a small rear wheel, the pedals being attached to the front wheelUS name: ordinary

Word Origin for penny-farthing

C20: so called because of the similarity between the relative sizes of the wheels and the relative sizes of the (old) penny and farthing coins
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Word Origin and History for pennyfarthing

also penny farthing, penny-farthing, "ineffective," 1887, from penny + farthing, the two together making but a small sum. The noun, in reference to the kind of bicycle with a small wheel in back and a big one in front (so called from the notion of different size coins) is first recorded 1927.

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