also Petronella, fem. proper name, a feminine diminutive of Latin Petronius. Also "the name of a saint much-invoked against fevers and regarded as a daughter of St. Peter. The name was accordingly regarded to be a derivative of Peter and became one of the most popular of girls' names, the vernacular Parnell being still used as a proper name as late as the 18th century in Cornwall" [Reaney].

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Historical Examples of petronilla

  • There is no doubt that Petronilla was buried in close proximity to this cubiculum.

    Pagan and Christian Rome

    Rodolfo Lanciani

  • Nereus and Achilleus; also of Petronilla, a member of the Aurelii family.

    Rambles in Rome

    S. Russell Forbes

  • "Our Petronilla is a jewel, too," Willy Snyders interjected.


    Gerhart Hauptmann

  • I know just how Im going to fix this room up for you, Petronilla, Billy said, nodding his head mysteriously.

    Maida's Little Shop

    Inez Haynes Irwin

  • The stuff youve been buying, Petronilla, Billy said, pointing to a big pile of boxes in the corner.

    Maida's Little Shop

    Inez Haynes Irwin