or phleg·mat·i·cal

[ fleg-mat-ik or fleg-mat-i-kuhl ]
/ flɛgˈmæt ɪk or flɛgˈmæt ɪ kəl /


not easily excited to action or display of emotion; apathetic; sluggish.
self-possessed, calm, or composed.
of the nature of or abounding in the humor phlegm.

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Origin of phlegmatic

1300–50; < Late Latin phlegmaticus < Greek phlegmatikós pertaining to phlegm, equivalent to phlegmat- (stem of phlégma phlegm) + -ikos -ic; replacing Middle English fleumatik < Middle French fleumatique < Late Latin, as above

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British Dictionary definitions for phlegmatic



/ (flɛɡˈmætɪk) /


having a stolid or unemotional disposition
not easily excited
Derived Formsphlegmatically, adverbphlegmaticalness or phlegmaticness, noun

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Word Origin and History for phlegmatic



"cool, calm, self-possessed," and in a more pejorative sense, "cold, dull, apathetic," 1570s, from literal sense "abounding in phlegm (as a bodily humor)" (mid-14c., fleumatik), from Old French fleumatique (13c., Modern French flegmatique), from Late Latin phlegmaticus, from Greek phlegmatikos "abounding in phlegm" (see phlegm).

A verry flewmatike man is in the body lustles, heuy and slow. [John of Trevisa, translation of Bartholomew de Glanville's "De proprietatibus rerum," 1398]
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Medicine definitions for phlegmatic


[ flĕg-mătĭk ]


Of or relating to phlegm.
Having or suggesting a calm, sluggish temperament; unemotional.

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