or pi·as·tre

[ pee-as-ter, -ah-ster ]

  1. a former coin of Turkey, one 100th of a lira: replaced by the kurus in 1933.

  2. a monetary unit of Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, and Syria, one 100th of a pound.

  1. a former monetary unit of South Vietnam: replaced by the dong in 1976.

  2. the former peso or dollar of Spain and Spanish America.

Origin of piaster

First recorded in 1605–15; from French piastre, from Italian piastra “thin sheet of metal, silver coin” (short for piastra d'argento, literally, “plate of silver”), akin to piastro plaster

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How to use piaster in a sentence

  • Then the two knights had to be removed to a sick-room and infirmary, for they needed a doctor and piaster to cure their wounds.

    Four Arthurian Romances | Chretien DeTroyes
  • Hundreds of accounts and bills have been received, audited and paid, and scarcely any two correspond in piaster equivalents.

  • We got down from our horse, went around carelessly, and slipped a cherek (a five piaster piece) into his fingers.

  • After thirty-three years of residence, I am still trying to get some idea of what a piaster is.

  • All my trouble, all the hard work, and not a piaster, not a piaster!

    The Carpet from Bagdad | Harold MacGrath